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WHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET FIT FOR? A wedding, holiday, sport, work or health reasons? Do it with me, Dawn Nagle at Fit4Something, Stourbridge; a personal trainer that guarantees results because when you look great, feel great and hit your goals…so do I.

Fit4Something offers you a completely bespoke body transformation package tailored to your goal.  That’s why I only take on four personal training clients at any one time. I am very thorough and getting you to your goal is priority. I will help instil new healthy lifestyle habits and give you fitness tools and knowledge to take beyond our sessions and into the rest of your healthier and happier life. Check out my reviews on Facebook!

Your Goal – Your Motivation. Body transformation can only occur if the right exercise programme is paired with a supportive nutrition plan. Your body and mindset will change and I will be with you to offer emotional and motivational support throughout the process. Prepare to work hard and embrace new ideas, new challenges and the new you. Your Goal – Your Motivation. Check out my reviews on Facebook!

Dawn Nagle Personal Trainer


I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer who is also qualified to work with GP Exercise Referrals and Pre and Post Natal clients. Most of my training sessions are delivered outdoors, at my house or at the client’s home. I also work for Exclusive Gym, Stourbridge; an indoor facility linked to the Lion Medical Centre. Wherever we train, I will give you the gift of energy and endorphins: those natural highs that are a by-product of doing the right exercise and eating healthy foods. By selecting the right activities and guiding your nutrition choices, I can take you to your physical goal and improve your overall health and wellbeing. I offer you a natural and constructive way to get your body fitter and healthier for longer. So, what do YOU want to get fit for?



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