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4 Strands of Personal Training

Each personal training client will get a unique programme of exercise tailored to their goal. Your bespoke programme will be built around the Fit4Something four strands framework: Assess, Do, Eat and Review.

1. Assess

Your initial assessment is our starting block and the point from which we will track your progression. A full range of body measurements, nutritional analysis and fitness tests will shape and determine the journey we take to your goal. This is our first opportunity to discuss strategies for overcoming any foreseeable barriers and to highlight what motivates and inspires you to change.

2. Do

To transform your body we have to place it under stress (the good kind) and force it to adapt to the new demands you are placing upon it. We make this process fun and effective by prescribing a range of activities, exercises and challenges that you will both enjoy and are specific to your goals. Expect to work hard and exceed your own expectations.

3. Eat

For the whole programme to be successful, an effective activity schedule needs to be supported by a comprehensive nutrition plan. To exercise optimally you need to have the right sustenance for energy, the correct food to recover from workouts and the proper nutrients for body adaptation and rebuilding. Your nutrition will be monitored and analysed throughout the programme to ensure it is giving you what you need.

4. Review

Fixed review dates to measure your progress will be built into the programme to ensure that you are on track to achieve your end goal. Throughout your journey there will be frequent opportunities to feedback, evaluate and adapt the programme to your likes and circumstances. This process helps maintain motivation and enthusiasm for what will be a tough but worthwhile journey.