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Your initial assessment is our starting block and the point from which we will track your progression. A full range of body measurements, nutritional analysis and fitness tests will shape and determine the journey we take to your overall goal.

This is our first opportunity to discuss strategies for overcoming any foreseeable barriers and to highlight what motivates and inspires you to change.

It is also the time we will agree a short-term goal to head toward, and set a review date to ensure that you are on track to achieve your overall goal.

The assessment and analysis can take up to 2 hours. Please wear comfortable workout clothes and bring water and a towel.

After we have analyzed your results, we will set you up with an online nutritional diary tailored to your goal and schedule your first session. I will then design a programme of exercise and send you a copy of your first programme/session card so you know what to expect and can see how your session will be structured.