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Fixed review dates to measure your progress will be built into the programme to ensure you keep on track for your end goal. However, throughout your whole journey there will be frequent opportunities to feedback, evaluate and adapt the programme to your likes and circumstances; this helps maintain motivation and enthusiasm for what will be a tough but worthwhile journey.

Your long term goal is set – you have an event that has inspired you to get fit and a date by which to achieve it. However, you need to know you are on track, that the work you are putting in is worth it and you want to see results. That’s why I will build short-term and medium-term goal reviews into your programme; so you can see just how close you are getting! A great tool for motivation!!

These are the stepping stones to your long-term goal and milestones by which we will mark your progress and shape your future programme.

Each session will also provide an opportunity for mutual feedback and evaluation and ensures you are still onboard and sailing toward your goal with confidence.

These informal and formal reviews ensure your exercise programme remains effective. Programmes are adaptable and need to work for you; my expertise, empathy and creativity will get you to that goal.