5K to 10K Running Class Replaces Park Fit

After completing my final risk assessment of the Park Fit class today I have decided to postpone Park Fit classes. Apologies for any inconvenience for those planning to come. I will be running “5K to 10K” training instead for those ready to take a step up in distance running.
The 5K to 10K class is designed to be enjoyable, varied and effective with a variety of training runs such as fartleks, intervals, tempo and speed work to build your cardiovascular endurance. The 1hr session will incorporate flexibility and core work to support your running goals and help prevent injury.
The 5K to 10K session is classed as a vigorous activity and is ideal for those building up base ready for their sports’ 2017/18 season and/or for those looking to step up their running distance. Starts June 8th.
More than  anything else the safety of my clients is paramount.  Unless I am 100% confident in the exercise environment, programme structure and emergency procedures in place then I will not put anyone in danger, no matter how small or how unlikely.
Fortunately the issues I have highlighted to the Park Ranger and Challenge Academy will be easily resolved over the summer.   I am probably being over cautious but as this is a new venture I want to get it completely right and build from there. Hopefully we will have our defibrilator by the end of summer too so that’s another health and safety box ticked.


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