Green Circuits: Exercise That Gives You Energy

Would you like to get to the end of a full body workout and feel refreshed, rebalanced, confident and ready to tackle all the activities of daily living? I am firm believer that exercise should be energising not punishing; that it should enhance your functionality not hamper it and that you should feel better in every way as a result of doing it.
Green Circuit classes at Baggeridge Country Park are a 1 hour circuit training session delivered while walking though woodlands. Designed to keep your cardiovascular system working at 50-60% (the fat burning zone), gently strengthen large muscle groups and give you a good all round stretch using woodland resources and functional movements. Focusing on posture and correct breathing throughout.
Staying active is essential if you want to live a holistically healthy and longer life so i make my sessions as accessible, affordable (only £2 per class), fun and effective for as many people as possible. Exercise activity should be inclusive not exclusive.
Circuits are great because I can deliver a balanced full body workout that is fun, effective and keeps everybody engaged and involved. Delivering circuit training outside is even more satisfying because there are 3 standout benefits:

  1. Woodland Ambiance Views, vistas, whatever you call them, directly effect our mental wellbeing and looking at nature in all its glory has proven benefits to our state of mind. The greenery is both calming and stimulating as green, in colour therapy, is a balancing and harmonious colour. Natural daylight exposes us to the full colour spectrum essential to life rather than limited artificial light. Nature’s symphony accompanies your training rather than the ear pollution of traffic or blaring sound systems. Breathing in oxygen rich air with fewer pollutants and the wondrous scents of plantlife…and already you are feeling more restored.
  2. The Elements Being outdoors is good for our health. Out in the elements the body reacts to an ever-changing external environment by making subtle adjustments to try and maintain its homeostasis (like not getting too hot or too cold). A benefit of this is that by creating extra work for the body it has to burn more calories. Plus, it makes the body more efficient at adapting to change. Windy days provide a gentle resistance, sunny days extra Vitamin D and rainy days are surprisingly the most fun. No element is without its benefits!
  3. Changing Terrain A useful challenge that brings deep core stabilising muscles and joint strengthening tissue into play. Walking through a woodland park you get a variety of surfaces underfoot: grass, earth, mud, tarmac, clay, tree roots and stony paths. These subtly uneven surfaces help improve balance and add an extra resistance element to the workout to add to all the other benefits.

So my Green Circuits class is a low impact, low intensity exercise session with high energy reward. A manageable walking pace with easily modified (to make harder or easier) strength and flexibility exercises that ensure everyone gets a safe, effective workout and those all important endorphins. Post-exercise highs are me favourite! Better still you get all the extra health benefits of exercising outside and at £2, it’s affordable. Click the link to see when classes run



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