Fit4Something Partners with Challenge Academy to Offer Outdoor Fitness Sessions at Baggeridge Country Park


Fit4Something has teamed up with Challenge Academy to offer you outdoor fitness classes and personal training at Baggeridge Country Park, Dudley.
By delivering exercise outdoors, keeping the cost low (only £2 per class), and offering a choice of exercise intensity we want to attract people who might otherwise think regular “gym style” exercise is not for them.
If you want a healthy and friendly environment to exercise in, if you have certain medical complications or just want to get active outdoors in safety (either one-to-one or with like-minded people) then this is definitely for you.
The first selection of classes will start June 4th, 2017 and run for 6 weeks – just in time for the summer holidays! A full class description and timetable is available at
Alongside the classes I also offer a Personal Training (PT) service for those who prefer a more bespoke exercise plan. For how  PT works and my prices please visit my website There is also a PT buddy system and group training option for your extra motivation and economy.
The indoor gym environment benefits some people but it is not for everyone and you can easily achieve the same physical results al fresco. Exercising in a sea of tranquil green, nature’s music in your ears, ever-changing terrain underfoot and exposing your body and senses to the elements can be both therapeutic and challenging in a positive way.
To have the opportunity to harness this remarkable and beautiful setting for human health and happiness makes me feel very blessed. To be out in nature, doing a job I love and making a contribution to our population’s wellbeing is just where I want to be.
As part of Challenge Academy’s Health Hub Initiative it is the start of some very exciting developments for our new partnership over the coming year. With our expertise and your input and feedback we will be looking to expand our range of health and fitness products. However, we have to start somewhere so I do hope you will join us for fun and fitness in the fresh air this June/July. Check out my new partner for more outdoor activity and adventure.

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