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Congratulations! You are on a beautiful journey to motherhood. As a Mummy, and qualified pre and postnatal exercise instructor, I can tell you that taking care of your physical health and fitness is especially important at this time. Staying active with safe and effective exercise is essential to your wellbeing. In most cases, exercising while pregnant is beneficial for both the mother and baby – which is great news!! So let’s get cracking…

Prenatal Exercise – Personal Training or Class

Delivered circuit-style, this is a quality full body workout for the previously fit and active Mum-to-be. Carefully selected exercises, that are safe during pregnancy, will help you maintain fitness and support your body as it changes. It is important to stay active and be mindful of your body at this precious time. Exercises will adapt and progress to support your circumstances. These exercises will also help you to prepare for childbirth and child rearing.

Postnatal Exercise – Personal Training or Class

A safe and effective program of exercise designed to get Mum back to pre-pregnancy fitness the healthy way. The program easily adapts to individual circumstances, targets problem areas and helps repair the body naturally. I understand that everyone’s pregnancy journey and post-pregnancy body is different and I am here to keep you safe and healthy while exercising.

Dawn’s Pregnancy Journey: Sadly, I had hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme sickness) during my pregnancy which made me feel dreadful. However, my hypno-birthing experience was magical and my healthy 8lb boy was delivered in 6 hours with only a 2cm second-degree tear that healed naturally. I was also left with a 4cm top to bottom split abdomen (diastasis recti) and a significantly weaker pelvic floor. Over the next 18months I healed both of these injuries naturally through carefully chosen exercises. Now I am back to competitive running, swimming, cycling and netball!!