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Whether your job requires a fitness test or if you feel your work life is detrimental to your physical health, we are here to help you get fit 4 work.

We spend on average 8 hours a day in our work environment. Some roles promote being sedentary, others encourage repetitive strain on certain areas of the body and many people have shift work that makes it difficult to get into a healthy pattern of exercise.

I want to help reset your body and improve your work-life balance through physical activity and supportive nutrition. I want you to go into your workplace with a big smile on your face because you feel energised, alert and body confident.

As well as our sessions and/or classes together,  we will also work on “activities of daily living”. This means finding ways to sneak extra physical activity into your working day to counteract whatever toll you feel it is taking on your overall health and fitness.

If you are an employer looking for ways to help your staff stay healthy and fit, please get in touch.